“It was a life-changing experience for me, and I greatly appreciate the role you played in helping me figure out myself.”

Paul Savage, MSOD
CEO, Cosmas Inc.
Principal Consultant, Savage Enterprises & Value Organizational Services Group


You have been most excellent as a teaching professor and as a coach in life.  I have learned so much from you.  You have been most influential in my adult life.  You have taught me to overcome some of the angers that associated with others, including the church.  You have helped me to open my eyes to see the new light.  I can honestly say that I have
learned more from you than from my own father on interpersonal skills and organizational culture.

Perri Lee


I’m on a flight back from NYC from Monday and Tuesday morning meetings and wanted to say, “Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.” You helped me tremendously. I learned so much and am still learning much.  An example was just this morning – I pulled a concept out and…the board I was presenting to loved it and appreciated the idea and concept.

Paul L. Moffat, AIF®
President & Wealth Manager
Fiduciary Investment Services
Arista Wealth Management


I have learned so much – I just drove the family down to LA and I had 5 hours to think about your remark regarding maintaining the pieces I value most – I really like how you have made me rethink things with often very simple, seemingly straight-forward statements. I will noodle on this a bit longer – as I feel there is a very profound obs