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Flash Consulting®

Created and trademarked by Dr. Miriam Lacey, Flash Consulting® is an intensive two hour consulting session, with five specially-trained management consultants, devoted to your project, resulting in an actionable recommendation package designed to move your business forward.

Flash Consulting® offers clients an in-depth process—concentrated and benchmarked, resulting in evidence based actionable recommendations —in service of Executive Coaching, Teambuilding, and Leadership Development programs.

Flash Consulting® provides a triangulated process for making decisions that is grounded in the best available research evidence, informed by experiential evidence from the field, and relevant contextual evidence.

If you are a key decision maker, and you have a project that needs fresh ideas and innovative approaches, then Flash Consulting® is your gateway to new business horizons.

“Flash Consulting is a unique (intensive!) way to gather creative ideas to spur you company forward.”
Miriam Lacey, Ph.D.