Is Executive Coaching Right for you?

Executive Coaching

A large variety of coaching tools are available to you.  Each is grounded in long-term quantitative research that has shown them to be both reliable and valid.  Further, Dr. Lacey uses these because they have been comfortably embraced by executives and found effective.

  • Explore multiple attributes of self-awareness?
  • Conduct a courageous self-assessment of your capabilities?
  • Step into your personal power?
  • Develop compassion and stewardship?
  • Discover inner reserves?
  • Access the wisdom inside you?
  • Make work life meaningful for employees through inspired leadership and business success?
  • Authentically commit to a journey of personal growth and expansion?

The Best Coaching Tools

Individualized assessment approach.  Your coaching experience will be completely personalized.  When carefully selected based on your needs and aspirations, assessments are an efficient way to gain a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses, preferences and values.  Work-related behaviors, day-to-day encounters with employees and managers are viewed with an eye to increasing productivity, self-awareness and bottom line results.  One or two assessments are often used to quick-start your customized coaching process.

360 degree assessments.  Frequently recommended, they offer a multi-faceted view of how your style and behaviors are perceived by others—superiors, peers, subordinates, and significant stakeholders.  360’s are popular because they work!  When done with Dr. Lacey, you choose the people to involve. It can be done exclusively with work colleagues, or exclusively with friends and family, or a combination.  Only those people whose opinions are valuable to you are included.

Leadership and Culture.  Your company is sensitive to your behavior.  Intimately connected, your organization culture is a direct result of your leadership style and attributes.  The easiest (or perhaps the hardest!) way to change your company culture is to change what you pay attention to.  Cultural assessment coupled with mindful awareness gives you the power to create the organization of your choice.

Confidentiality must be considered.   As part of every coaching commitment the conditions that make it feel safe for you to explore your leadership style are identified.  Your preferences for confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost importance, and will always be respected.  Frequently, busy executives prefer a private, confidential coaching experience.   The choice is yours—always.

For executives in a close relationship—Partner Coaching 

A unique experience can be offered to you if you are part of a successful, close couple relationship, such as a marriage or partnership.  Think of this as Flash Consulting® for partners.  Engaging your spouse or significant other in portions of the coaching process capitalizes on the attention and energy of you both.  This special person is as committed to your success as you are, and occupies a unique vantage point of privileged access to your personal thoughts and feelings.  They can offer ideas and support along the way, and can help you stay accountable to your leadership goals.  The involvement of a caring and concerned partner can be a powerful propellant to greatness.  Executives have enjoyed a special weekend away with this important person in Newport Beach, doing things that are meaningful to the couple, punctuated by consultation with Dr. Lacey.  This is not marriage counseling; this is Partner Coaching in service of your career—through focused, principled, value-centered leadership development.

“Your personal leadership style determines your company’s culture, quality, and productivity.”
Miriam Lacey, Ph.D.