Is Teambuilding Right for You?

Team Building

Decisions that benefit the whole take expertise, collaboration and a good moral compass.  Innovations in team building result in the creation of trust, strengthen relations, upgrade accountability for results.

Great teambuilding produces results.

But teambuilding requires courage from everyone involved to face issues.  Ask yourself, are you satisfied with the way your team…

  • Aligns with your business strategy?
  • Runs the company?
  • Collaborates together?
  • Treats each other?
  • Addresses political issues?
  • Holds each other accountable?
  • Is the right mix of team members?

How does your team stack up?

Based on Lencioni’s pyramid, a quick analysis of the organizational phenomenon will help you target teambuilding choices.

5 dysfunctions of a team

A Customized Teambuilding Approach 

All great teambuilding is conducted for a business reason! –not just because it is a nice thing to do. Your teambuilding experience will be completely tailored to the attributes and needs of your business and your team. Team capability determines in large measure if your business can reach its stretch goal targets.

One of Miriam Lacey's Teams

Instruments/ Assessments

A large variety of tools is available to you.  Each is grounded in long-term quantitative research that has shown them to be both reliable and valid.  Further, Dr. Lacey uses these because they have been comfortably embraced by executives and their teams, i.e., because they are effective.

TEAM Effectiveness

Here are some of the most effective teambuilding tools employed by Dr. Lacey:

  • Best Practices of Successful Meetings
  • Disc and Effective Teams
  • FIRO-B – Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team or Five Functions of Team
  • High Performance Teams
  • Norm Mapping
  • OCAI – Organization Culture Assessment Instrument
  • Team Effectiveness Model
  • Team Effectiveness Questionnaire
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development

Flash Consulting® for Teambuilding 

Much can be accomplished in a two day retreat, particularly if the focus is on the team itself.  If business goals, strategy and systems change are included more days are needed.  If interpersonal skills need upgrading more days will be needed.

Flash Consulting® for Team-Driven Culture Change

Your company is not only sensitive to your behavior, it is also watching your team. When you and your team are aligned, your people feel secure and can commit fully to doing their jobs—they often will need little supervision.  Coming to a shared point of view takes dedication and courage of your team members.  Once achieved large system change is inevitable.

Retreat Atmosphere

Your venue helps determine the quality of the teambuilding experience.  It is usually best to do off-site from the workplace, but on-site can work well too.  Goals and outcomes also contribute to the venue choice. Dr. Lacey will help you determine the most appropriate and effective venue for teambuilding.

“Sidestep political gaming through the creation of a collaborative learning environment. Leverage members’ self-awareness and learning for stellar teamwork.”
Miriam Lacey, Ph.D.